Agile Development Framework

The ADF related pages of the Turbo FrontOffice site are written in English to permit international visitors to follow this experiment.

Turbo FrontOffice is a small Dutch IT company owned by Johan Stringer and specialized in building custom software with the Microsoft .NET development.

ADF stands for Agile Development Framework. This framework is an ongoing Research & Development project of Turbo FrontOffice. The goal is to explore a practical integration of new .NET techniques in an application framework that combines agile and rapid application development with a sound multi-tier architecture using the MVC design pattern (Model-View-Controller). The foundation are enriched Entity Framework business objects. The enrichment is realized with the standard T4 code generator used by Entity Framework 2.

I call this combination FAD (Flexible Application Development), a term coined by myself.
ADF Architecture gives an architectural overview of the ADF application framework.

I have built a webshop and a professional online survey platform with ADF. For the moment I am working on a mini CRM for B2B market research. Online surveys will be a central feature.